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Fairport, NY 14450

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5 days a week 8:30am - 4:30pm

About Family Service Communities

Enriched Housing & Assisted Living in Rochester, NY

Our History

Family Service Communities was founded over 100 years ago to provide support to families of the Rochester region. About 30 years ago, a lack of access for seniors for supportive, affordable housing was identified. At the time, the choices for seniors were nursing homes or to be overly dependent on family members. Recognizing this need, Family Service of Rochester partnered with the Rochester Housing Authority and converted a portion of its Danforth Towers building into Enriched Housing units. That partnership was a huge success and grew to partnering at two more Rochester Housing authority sites: Hudson-Ridge Towers and Jonathan Child Apartments.

In 2005, another need was recognized: the need of seniors considered middle class to have access to supportive housing. In Rochester, supportive housing was focused in two areas: low-income and upper-income housing units. The access was not there for individuals who do not qualify for low-income subsidies but could not afford the high-end alternatives. Family Services of Rochester developed and built The Northfield in Fairport to serve this community’s need.

During this same time, Family Service of Rochester realized the other services it was providing would be better achieved on a larger scale and found a partner in Catholic Family Center to merge all services with, except enriched housing. By doing this, it was possible to offer these services in a more efficient and cost-effective manner for the individuals both agencies served.

After completing this merger, Family Services of Rochester re-branded as Family Service Communities to show our focus on providing safe, healthy, and active communities to low- and middle-income seniors in the Rochester region.

Going forward Family Service Communities will continue to focus on addressing the housing and supportive service needs of our region. All of our communities are licensed by the New York State Department of Health. We offer residents a range of support services including weekly housekeeping and laundry, meals, case management, limited personal care, recreational opportunities, financial management and more.

Our Staff

Neil Cavalieri, CEO

Bobbi Collins, Administrator, Danforth Towers

Rhonda Cobb, Administrator, Hudson Ridge Towers

Colleen Bowman, Administrator, Jonathan Child Apartments

Board of Directors

Family Services Communities is governed by a volunteer Board of community leaders and stakeholders. We appreciate the dedication and service of the following individuals:

Ryan Gilmartin, Chair

Jean Lowe, Vice Chair

Chris Mariano, Treasurer

Vince Mannella, Secretary

Gretchen Baumer

Kevin Hurley

William Lowe

Ellen Lynch

Sam Busari

Mark Greisberger